Jean-Marc Kieny Trophy

The 2nd edition of the Jean-Marc Kieny Trophy took place on Tuesday, April 26th at the Haut-Kœnigsbourg castle!

Alsace Qualité, the Academy of Strasbourg, Alsace Destination Tourisme, the Conseil Interprofessionnel des Vins d’Alsace, the Chefs d’Alsace, the Corporations des Fleuristes d’Alsace, the Office pour la Langue et les Cultures d’Alsace et de Moselle, the Collectivité Européenne d’Alsace and Eberhardt have joined forces to honor “l’Alsace recuisinée®” for a new edition.

Created in 2019, the competition was launched in honor of Jean-Marc Kieny and is open to students and apprentices in hotel and restaurant and floristry training. It aims to highlight our Alsatian region and its products.
This year, the jury of professionals was chaired by Olivier Nasti, Meilleur Ouvrier de France, two Michelin stars and a close friend of Jean-Marc Kieny.

Mariella Kieny with the president of the jury, Chef Olivier Nasti / ©Good’Alsace – Sandrine Kauffer-Binz

Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle, an emblematic place of Alsatian heritage

“Alsace recuisinée®” honored

The concept of “Alsace recuisinée®” imagined in 2016 by Jean-Marc Kieny, former President of the Association des Étoiles d’Alsace, and taken up since then by the chefs and master craftsmen of the Étoiles d’Alsace, aims to celebrate regional products, by introducing innovation, audacity and fantasy in their preparation, thus demonstrating that the terroir can be resolutely modern.
The Jean-Marc Kieny Trophy is therefore an opportunity to pass on the taste for Alsatian products and heritage to the next generation.

The brigades observed by the jury in the kitchen

A competition for young people in training

The 5 teams in the running, made up of 5 candidates (maitre d’ and his assistant + chef and his assistant + the florist) are considered as ambassadors of their establishment and their territory. Through their technical skills, their professional and relational ease, they have the capacity to sublimate this moment of sharing spent around a table.

This year the teams were from the following institutions:
– Alexandre Dumas high school (Illkirch)
– Lycée professionnel Aristide Briand (Schiltigheim)
– Lycée professionnel Charles de Foucauld (Schiltigheim)
– CFA for the hotel and restaurant industry Colmar
– Cefppa Adrien Zeller (Illkirch)

Student of Alexandre Dumas high school during the competition / ©Toute l’Alsace

A jury of professionals

The candidates were judged by professionals of the gastronomy: Alsatian Chefs, professionals of the agriculture, the arts of the table and tourism. The two Michelin starred Chef and Meilleur Ouvrier de France, Olivier Nasi, has done the honor of being the president of the jury for this 2022 edition.

Composition of the jury:
– Cooking jury: Olivier Nasti, Pascal Bastian, Yannick Germain, Julien Binz and Josef Pindur.
– Jury : Philippe Viain, Michel Scheer, Mariella Kieny, Franck Kormann, Magalie Gottri and Régis Blanrue
– Jury florist : Magalie Gottri and Régis Blanrue
– Tasting jury: Roger Bouhassoun, Marc Haeberlin, Hélène Binet, Serge Schaal, Nicole Bott, Nathalie Kaltenbach, Philippe Billmann, Philippe Meyer and Marylin Girardin

Cooking jury: Josef Pindur, Julien Binz, Olivier Nasti, Yannick Germain and Pascal Bastian

Tasting jury : Marilyne Girardin, Marc Haeberlin, Serge Schaal, Thierry Fritsch, Roger Bouhassoun, Nathalie Kaltenbach, Philippe Meyer and Philippe Billmann / ©Good’Alsace – Sandrine Kauffer-Binz

A 100% Alsatian theme

The teams competed on the following theme: trout from the Heimbach fish farm cooked with beeswax, stuffed cabbage, riesling sauce.

Candidates had to develop and market their dishes and then serve them at the pedestal table. The dishes had to be made from a basket of imposed products under the brand ” Savour Alsace Produit du Terroir ” or under the official sign of quality Bio or IGP.

This basket was composed of the following products:
– A trout from the Heimbach fish farm
– A stuffed cabbage, its stuffing composed of pork belly, carrots, celery, eggs, horseradish, onion, sauerkraut from Alsace
– A wine from Alsace, of Riesling grape variety

It was also a question of proposing an appropriate food and wine pairing from a selection of 4 wines proposed by the Comité Interprofessionnel des Vins d’Alsace (CIVA). Teams were free to select a wine that matched the food and to prepare a sales pitch.

Finally, the tableware was also honored by offering a floral table decoration.

Cooking trout in beeswax / ©Good’Alsace – Sandrine Kauffer-Binz

Some of the jury members cook under observation

Pedestal table service

Florists prepare the floral table decoration

NEW: a special OLCA award

The Office pour la Langue et les Cultures d’Alsace et de Moselle (OLCA) has joined this year the partners of the Kieny Trophy. This new partnership shows that our Alsatian heritage has its place in the fields of excellence that are gastronomy and table arts. It is also a way to promote the language and culture to the youngest who will be the actors of the Alsatian gastronomy of tomorrow.

For this brand new challenge proposed by OLCA, teams had to present an amuse-bouche on the theme of “Alsace recuisinée®”, i.e. based on a regional dish, a particular regional product or a particular regional know-how. This amuse-bouche had to be presented in writing in the form of a technical sheet as well as an oral presentation to the jury.

For more information: https: //

Amuse-bouche of the Lycée Alexandre Dumas / ©Toute l’Alsace


1st : CFA Colmar
2nd : Lycée Alexandre Dumas in Illkirch
3rd : CEFFPA Adrien Zeller in Illkirch

The CFA team of Colmar wins the Kieny Trophy / ©Good’Alsace – Sandrine Kauffer-Binz

OLCA award for the Alsatian appetizer

1st : Lycée Alexandre Dumas in Illkirch
2nd : CFA Colmar
3rd : Lycée Charles Foucauld in Schiltigheim

The brigade of the Alexandre Dumas high school wins the 1st prize of the Alsatian amuse-bouche / ©Good’Alsace – Sandrine Kauffer-Binz

Special prices for floral arrangements

1st : Roxane
2nd : Leone
3rd : Justine

Podium of the florist prize / ©Good’Alsace – Sandrine Kauffer-Binz

A big congratulations to all the teams who have done a remarkable job in honoring “l’Alsace recuisinée®”!

Thank you to the schools, the members of the jury, the partners, the media and all those present for this beautiful day in tribute to Jean-Marc Kieny! This new edition has once again demonstrated that the Alsatian terroir represents a real wealth in the gastronomic landscape and that it is important to transmit it to the new generation!

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