Une image avec nos 3 générations de cuisiniers : André KIENY - Jean-Marc KIENY - Guillaume BRETA le nouveau chef

True to the motto of this iconic house:

“To build the future of cooking, we must know how to take the best of the past… To guarantee tradition by adapting it to our time so that the pleasure of eating well remains.”

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In the heart of Riedisheim near Mulhouse, Mariella Kieny and the team of the restaurant La Maison Kieny open the doors of their House, a warm, intimate and hushed place, dedicated to the pleasures of the table. The seventh generation Kieny has created an experience that is as much a reflection of the historical values of this 1850 house as it is a challenge.

Mariella Kieny welcomes guests from Alsace and elsewhere with a generosity that is matched only by her determination to carry the colors of this family house.
Alongside Laurent Kieny, Jean-Marc’s brother, and Chef Naïn Gamboa, Mariella Kieny combines the Kieny legacy with the future.

The genesis

MARC KIENY – born in 1743
5 children, Farmer

PHILIPPE KIENY – born in 1786
10 children, Farmer

MARC KIENY – born in 1825
3 children, Cafetier

In 1850, he acquired the property located at 7 rue Basse, now rue de Général de Gaulle, and transformed it into the “Café du vieux Château”, in reference to the Counts of Thierstein and Lords of Besenwal. In this same building, the Kieny family ran the first post office in the community from 1881 onwards. Towards the end of the 19th century, the café “Zum Alten Schloss” became the café “Zur Post” and later the “Restaurant de la Poste”.

JOSEPH KIENY – born in 1871
1 child, Innkeeper of the “Café de la Poste
Thanks to his wife Anne-Marie (née Schaller), an excellent cook, he transformed the café into a well known restaurant. He was simultaneously the receiver of the PTT and a grocer in two rooms on the first floor of the house.

MARCEL KIENY – born in 1899
2 children, Cook
With the efficient support of his wife Alice (née Mendele, who died in 1944), he turned the restaurant into a renowned table. He had received excellent culinary training in renowned restaurants. He himself became a remarkable apprenticeship master, President of the Jury of the CAP Cuisiniers and advisor of the technological education. His daughter, Marie-Louise, affectionately known as Marlyse, worked behind the counter with great care until her death. André, his son, took over the business in 1954.
ANDRÉ KIENY – born in 1932
2 children, Master-Quideman
After studying at the Lycée Hôtelier de Strasbourg, he did internships in various great restaurants: Etretat, Plombières, Uriage, Aix-les-Bains, Versailles and in England. He took over the family business in 1954. His wife, Liliane (née De Bernardo), assures with smile and courtesy the tasks of the Housewife.
Like his father, André Kieny was very involved in training and professional organizations:
– President of the Jury of the CAP Cooks
– Technology Education Advisor
– Member of Prosper Montagné
– Culinary Advisor
– Chevalier des Palmes Académiques
– Knight of Agricultural Merit
– Silver medal for technological education

JEAN-MARC KIENY – born in 1962
2 children, Chef of the Restaurant de la Poste
6th generation, heir to the recipes & culinary joys of his father and great-grandmother. Jean-Marc was elected 1st Hope of French Gastronomy in 1988 by the magazine Le Chef. He is married to Mariella (née Pidala). He is an alumnus of :
Pierre Gaertner, “Armes de France” in Ammerschwihr, 2 Michelin stars
Jacques Lameloise, “Lameloise” in Chagny, 3 Michelin stars
Louis Outhier, “L’Oasis” in La Napoule, 3 Michelin stars
Emile Jung, “Le Crocodile” in Strasbourg, 2 Michelin stars
Hans Stucki, “Le Bruderholz” in Basel, Switzerland, 2 Michelin stars

LAURENT KIENY – born in 1966
2 children, Master pastry chef-chocolatier-glacier
Twice finalist in the Best Worker of France competition. He is married to Martine Bader. He has built a solid reputation as a Master Pastry Chef, Chocolate and Ice Cream maker, his establishment is located next to the restaurant.

1st MICHELIN STAR – in 1990

MARIELLA KIENY – takes over the Kieny house – in 2017

The values of Maison Kieny


A tradition since 1850, the foundation of the Family’s heritage.

Tradition and modernity

In the heart of the Grand Est, to make the Alsatian territory shine through a cuisine revealing the talent of the best producers, by shaping each gesture in the capacity of artisan cook and pastry chef.

The transmission

The ambition to bring to the highest level each Woman & Man who participates in sublimating the experience of the customers.

The new team

Mariella Kieny

The mistress of the place

It is in this historic house that Mariella Kieny is doing her end of study internship. Born to a Sicilian father, Mariella grew up in a family that looked like a clan, like the Kieny family.

More than a professional experience, it is a life experience that Mariella is building.

With Jean-Marc, then a young cook working alongside her father, Mariella learns, is moved and falls in love.

Together, they are going to pursue a perpetual quest for excellence, she in the dining room, and he in the kitchen.
Their generosity is quickly rewarded with a star.

Today, Mariella lovingly watches over this historic house, and signs a personal card, both new and faithful to the values of this emblematic House Kieny.

With grace, Mariella orchestrates a service in her image: generous, delicate and refined.
To assert itself without denaturing this 1850 House, such is the mission that Mariella has entrusted to herself for the next few years.

Naïn Gamboa


Naïn’s first stop was in the Drôme Provençale, at the Clair de la Plume, the starred restaurant in Grignan. From clerk to half chef de partie, the young man who is interested in everything begins his learning of the language of Molière and at the same time of French gastronomy.

His gluttony for learning then took him to all the regions, a true tour of France of taste and specialties, from Brittany to Vaucluse, through Burgundy and Occitania.

Each new experience is an additional pretext to feed his curiosity a little more. Seafood, butter, olive oil, wine, in his lesson book, the chapters have the taste of French lands and traditions.

When he brought his young talent to Alsace, as head pastry chef at Maison Kieny, Naïn had already understood what makes the charm of the fine houses. He likes well-ordered brigades and meticulous service, he likes the rigor imposed by the stars and also the warmth of real living spaces.

For more than a year, he immersed himself in the gastronomic Alsace of the Maison Kieny: inspired by the best of the past and turned towards the future.

Florian Felix


Pastry chef at Maison Kieny

Adrien Stoffel

The butler

It is with his grandfather, a pastry chef, that Adrien discovered his passion for cooking. At the time of the big choices, Adrien naturally enrolled in a Hotel and Restaurant Technology Baccalaureate and continued for 2 years in a BTS.

Shy, it is during a training course at the Clos des Sens in Annecy, that he reveals himself in room.

In 2006, with his diploma in hand, he joined the Ecomusée d’Alsace in Ungersheim as a supervisor. In 2008, he joined St Hippolyte, at the foot of the Château de Haut-Koenigsbourg as a Chef de rang. In 2011, while looking to evolve, the Kieny restaurant recruits a Chef de rang.

The agreement is immediate. After his interview, the young man is hired and performs his first service a week later.

Curious and passionate, he expands his knowledge of wines every evening, after the service. In 2014, the position of Maître d’hôtel became available, and he immediately applied.

For the Kieny family, transmission is a key value. Developing the talent that makes up their team is essential. The position is entrusted to him.

The Kieny experience

The atmosphere

The Maison Kieny offers an intimate and cozy setting for business lunches and dinners, for families or couples. The atmosphere is warm, the decoration well done, and the service precise.

The historic location combined with a refined and contemporary decor, gives the Kieny experience a character worthy of the great meals of yesteryear, and the freshness of a first date.

The place

La Maison Kieny has been offering its services in the heart of a century-old building since 1850. The setting is historic, hushed, the stones are next to woodwork and carpets that have sheltered many life stories. Here, time seems to have stopped, and the most hurried souls happily linger for lunch or dinner in one of the two salons of the House.
The restaurant is composed of two large dining rooms, and the discreet and thoughtful wait staff contributes to a timeless and exceptional experience.
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